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Lamborghini Repair & Maintenance for Londonderry, NH Drivers


It is said that Lamborghini was born because a tractor company owner, Ferruccio Lamborghini, was insulted by Enzo Ferrari, the founder of Ferrari brand auto company.  Today, extreme styling and performance are hallmarks of Lamborghini.  Its futuristic design, and its large distinctive rear wing lends to its fame as one of the most head turning exotic cars on the road.  Its emblem, a raging bull connects this extraordinary car’s performance to bullfighting as part of its identity.  Veloce Imports is proud to be one of few shops that work on Lamborghinis in Londonderry area.

Call Veloce Imports for Lamborghini Repair & Maintenance

When your Lamborghini needs repairs or maintenance, call Veloce Imports in Londonderry, NH. We’ll work to get you back on the road quickly with minimal hassles and headaches.